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Attention to all Clients of Lahore Real Estate

Dear friends,

Please note *Muhammad Ihsan with the phone number being used in past +923214177720 is no longer an employee of Lahore Real Estate and have no connection anymore to LRE *.

As per our knowledge, Lahore Real Estate ® don’t have any single deal pending with any client through Muhammad Ihsan and LRE will not be responsible for any future deals done by him on behalf of LRE.

As we always requested please do inform management team at +923224929992 4923224009766 or +923224009967 before sending any token amounts to Lahore Real Estate ® any staff. First, our team has grown three times in past one year alone and due to strict standards requirements like the timely arrival in office etc few agents do leave or they can leave LRE for any personal reasons. Also to ensure we have a most responsive fair knowledgeable team we keep purging anyone that doesn’t meet our highest standards as we have 100s highly knowledgeable agents waiting to join LRE. With these repeated requests from past two years We want to make sure your funds are being deposited to right & current employees and not to any ex-employees that try to earn money easily as they are many times found wrongly telling you they still work at LRE.

A Lahore Real Estate ® management team signed receipt must be issued to you for every single rupee given to LRE team no matter how many deals you have in past with Lahore Real Estate ® or its team member dealing with you on behalf of LRE for years. To protect your hard earned money and our 18 hours daily work of past 15 years we must bring each TeamLRE to client deal or dealer to dealer deal in a notice of LRE management before sending any money during waiting of transfers and after a deal is completed.

Any good or bad experience input about any TeamLRE member is always highly appreciated by LRE management as it greatly helps us to improve any shortcomings in our system.

Ch Mujahid Yasin (CMY)
Chairman Lahore Real Estate ®
MB-46 Main Boulevard DHA Lahore phase 6.

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