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DHA Lahore Ten Marla Residential Plot Latest Rates Update

DHA Lahore Phase Wise Ten Marla Plot Prices Update March 2018


DHA Phase 4

AA-Block:140 Lac to 175 Lac.
DD-Block:160Lac to 215 Lac
EE-Block: 150 Lac to 200 Lac
GG Block :140 Lac to 175 Lac..
All Blocks full densely populated… DD & EE and few portion of GG very ideal to make if you have no issue with open electrification system

DHA Phase 5
A-Block : 185 to 205 lac
D-Block : 140 Lac to 200 Lac
E-Block : 200 to 225 lac
K-Block : 195 to 215 lac
L-Block : 175 to 200 lac
A, E, k & L blocks are ideal one to make dream if budget is not concern. B block will have cutting of 10 Marla as dha allocated files there. Balloting can be this year. Where rates is expected 125 Lacs plus. On possession can be high…

DHA Phase 6
A-Block : 185 to 205 lac
D-Block : 125 to 175 lac
L-Block : 140 to 170 lac
A Block ten marla plots located at most prime area. Totally populated. D block away from graveyard and boundary area are very good to buy to start your house immediately. L block has possession not bad to make home
E-Block = 95 to 110 lac
Very few plot and fully Developed But Possession not given as of now. Expected This year for sure.

DHA Phase 7
T-Block : 65 to 85 lac
U-Block :68 to 85 lac
X-Block : 65 to 80 lac
Y-Block : 60 to 95 lac
Only Y block one lane has possession in on 150 feet road where rates around 90 to 95 lacs. Rest of blocks possession due…

DHA Phase 8
Y-Block : 80 to 95 lac
Semi Developed. Location wise located at good location but deep plots..Possession will be available after Completion of Development Work

DHA Phase 8 Ex-Park View
C-Extension : 135 to 150 Lacs
Very samall block and Fully Poplutaed area having mosque. Recommended for immediate house construction

DHA Phase 8 Air Avenue
L Block: 115 to 130 Lacs
M Block : 120 to 140 Lacs
N Block: 90 to 125 Lacs
P Block: 120 to 130 Lacs
Q Block: 110 to 125 Lacs
R Block:110 to 125 Lacs

M block is most popular one and N block is weakest one It is also fully Poplutaed area having commercial and mosques. Again recommended for immediate house construction

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Z Block Ivy Green
Z1-Block: 55 Lacs to 65 Lacs
Z3-Block: 58 to 75 Lacs
Z4-Block: 60 to 72 Lacs
Z5-Block: 55 to 65 Lacs
Z6-Block: 65 to 75 Lacs
It is Gated community. Development work in progress overall in every block, Possession will be available in 2019.Now 10 Installment of Development Charges Paid. 2 Remaining will paid in next two quarters. Investment wise is good option in next 2 years

DHA Phase 9 Town
A Block: 120 to 130 Lacs
D Block: 100 to 110 Lacs
Both blocks has possession at located at Main Boulevard.. A block ten marla are more prime than D block…

DHA Phase 9 Prism
C-Block: 65 To 82 Lacs
F-Block: 65 To 78 Lacs
J-Block: 58 To 68 Lacs
K-Block: 60 To 70 Lacs
L-Block: 57 To 75 Lacs
R-Block: 62 to 78 Lacs
Ten Marla plots are very few in Prims so return on investment will be veray due short supply for good located plots…C block & F block rated most prime location at 80 feet. In 2nd option L & K can be considered if reasonable location chosen .Development Work in Progress Overall in full swing. Possession will be available on Completion. Now 9 Installment of Development Charges Paid. 3 Remaining will paid in coming quarters.

DHA Phase 11 (Rahbar Sector)
A-Block : 75 to 105 Lacs
C-Block :80 to 105 Lacs
D-Block: 85 to 110 Lacs
E Block : 80 to 105 Lacs
A, C, D & E block has possession and populated but Open Electrification. D block is most rated . stay away from A block nearby drain
N & P Block : 85 to 95 Lacs
I is located at feet 70 road . Possession is due in couple of months but underground utilities


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