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Two Blocks R & P of DHA Phase 7 Lahore Details

Two Blocks R & P of DHA Phase 7 Lahore

DHA Phase 7 Lahore offers a golden opportunity for end users who are looking to live in a peaceful yet luxurious neighborhood of other Phases of DHA, this phase provides economical accommodation near fully rich Phase 6. DHA Lahore the other name of excellence, providing the modern facilities, still have a lot of areas where prices are low and have a good potential for growth in coming months and years ahead. Today we try to study and focus our attention on two blocks of Phase VII, R and P.


If we see a map, then the location of R-Block have no match to its surrounding, this block is surrounded by three sides of Phase 6’s developed blocks L, M and N. The availability of plots on 150 ft road here is very rare. From one side it has an access to Golf Course of Phase 6, L-Block Commercial market is also near to this block, Further, a big commercial market near to it is planned in N-Block in future.


This block location’s importance is not different than R-Block, from one side it has access from Main Boulevard of Phase 6 and N-Block and from the upper side, it connects with S-Block of Phase 8. What adds to the beauty of this block is prestigious Government Chartered institution Lahore School of Economics primarily known as LSE. On the Front side of this block, there are 8-Marla Commercials, which will mostly be preferred by Big Brands in near future.

Investment and Price Comparison:

The Blocks P and R both have good potential of appreciation in prices in coming time ahead, the reason for this is their prime location as discussed above. If we compare their current prices of 1-Kanal from surrounding Blocks of Phase 6 then this gives us a good hint about their growth in future i.e 1-Kanal in R-Block currently ranges from 120-200 Lacs, while the 1-Kanal in nearby Blocks of Phase 6’s N, L and M fall in between 150-250 Lacs, similarly the 1-Kanal in P-Block is in between 100-190 Lacs and neighboring N-Block have a rate of 150-235 Lacs. Our first recommendation for you here is to buy these plots for residence as already many numbers of homes are under construction here so soon these blocks will be fully populated.

Transfer Cost

Total Transfer cost of 1-Kanal Plot here for Filer is 5.53 Lacs and for Non-Filer 6.82 Lacs, beside it we charge 1% service charges on a total price of the plot.

Phase 7 Map

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